Tess delivered 8 healthy pups March 19, 2014. 7 males and 1 female.
Wagner's So Blue Tbone and Wagner's So Blue Bawlin' Tess were bred to make this gorgeous litter. Both dogs are heavy Uchtman bred. Checkout Our Dogs Page for pedigrees.


              Males                                                                 Females

1st Breeder Reserved  Brown                                        1st Matt H Pink
2nd/3rd Steward G        Black/Blue                                         
Aaron J                   Lime                                  
5th  Deann P                  Red                                  
6th  Jennifer M.             Light Blue
7th   Jonathan C.          Tan                                                  

Pink Collar Female 

Blue Collar Male 

Black Collar Male 

Brown Collar Male 

Tan Collar Male 

Light Blue Collar Male 

Red Collar Male 

Lime Green Collar Male